What is Mystery Box Pokemon Go?

How to Get Mystery Box Pokemon Go?

  1. Open Pokemon Go and tap the Pokeball at the bottom.
  2. To access the settings, locate the gear symbol and press on it.
  3. Tap “Connected Devices and Services.”
  4. Tap “Pokemon Home.”
  5. Sign in with the same Nintendo account you used to set up Pokemon Home.

What Can You Get from Mystery Box Pokemon Go?

how to get mystery box pokemon go - meltan
  • Name Meltan
  • Category Hex Nut Pokémon
  • Type Steel
  • Height 0’08”
  • Weight 17.6 lbs.
  • The Mystery Box lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Mystery Boxes can only generate Meltan.
  • Mystery Boxes are generated independently of walking; if you move or stay in one place, the generation frequency is the same.
  • Shiny Meltan can only be found in Pokémon GO during certain events.
  • You can get a new Mystery Box every three days


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