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Everyone has the potential to make their wishes come true,” says Jalon Jenkins, the founder of Miracle Box. 

So we agree that everyone’s wish should be heard, seen, and afforded the opportunity for fulfillment. As the story of Wish Valley illustrates, the Miracle Box is not merely a surprise box; it embodies ambition and is a symbol of hope. The unboxing of each magic box may herald an adventure, a joy, or a miracle — it is a fantasy story in each box.

Our goal is to make your experience surprising and joyful. We strive for constant innovation and ascension to the pinnacles of technology and craftsmanship, delicately building each surprise box in the hopes of making your wishes come true.

As the phrase “Stars Above, Miracles Within” suggests, each gift in the box is a tribute to your wishes. In a flash, each box will open a surprise for anyone with dreams, love, and the guts to go after them.

Miracle Box Team

Jalon Jenkins the founder and CEO of Miracle Box
Dshun Horace the CTO of Miracle Box
Jessica Rivera the CMO of Miracle Box