How to Get Dior X Air Jordan at a Low Price

How to Get Dior X Air Jordan at a Low Price?

The Birth of Dior x Air Jordan

Dior x Air Jordan is a collaboration between the luxury fashion brand Dior and the iconic sportswear brand Air Jordan. When the partnership was first announced in December 2019, it made a lot of noise in the sneaker and fashion circles.
The partnership made the Dior x Air Jordan sneakers possible.
The sneakers combine the classic silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 with the high-end craftsmanship and design elements of Dior.
The top of the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High OG shoes is white and gray leather. The well-known Dior Oblique print is on the Swoosh and the collar.

The Birth of Dior x Air Jordan 1

The sneakers also include Dior branding on the tongue, Wings logo, and insole. Each pair is handcrafted in Italy and comes in a special Dior x Air Jordan box.
Very few people were able to find the Dior x Air Jordan when they first came out, so they sold out very quickly. They were given away in a draw and could only be bought at a few Dior stores worldwide.
The collaboration between Dior and Air Jordan represents the merging of luxury fashion and streetwear culture. It showcases the growing trend of high-end fashion brands collaborating with sneaker brands to create unique and highly coveted products.

How to Get Dior X Air Jordan at a Low Price?

Dior x Air Jordan left foot

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